Where Is It Legal to Marry More than One Person

Polygamy is legal in Algeria, where a man can take up to four wives. But recent amendments to Algeria`s Family Code have made it difficult to conclude such marriages. Therefore, the occurrence of polygamy was rare. Currently, however, only 3% of the population practices polygamy. Some countries where polygamy is legal are not signatories to the ICCPR, including Qatar, Oman, Malaysia, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, South Sudan and the United Arab Emirates; so that the ICCPR does not apply to these countries. [152] The Department of Justice Canada has argued that polygamy is a violation of international human rights law. [153] On 5. In May 2011, long-term cohabitation between unmarried people, known as união estável (“stable union”), was extended to same-sex couples, recognized as a family unit and granted the 112 rights of married couples – the only legal difference with marriage is that it does not change individual marital status from single to married. [ref. needed] The Muslim acceptance of polygamy is illustrated by the fact that polygamy is more common in the Middle East and North and Central Africa, the regions of the world with the highest concentrations of Muslims, and illegal in most other regions. In addition, several countries recognize polygamous marriages between Muslims, but not between practitioners of other religions.

Polygamy in any form is generally prohibited in the United States, which justifies more or less serious criminal and civil consequences. However, Conor Freidersdorf argues in The Atlantic that legalizing polygamy can supposedly lead to higher levels of rape, kidnapping, murder, robbery, and assault. In 1882, President Chester A. Arthur signed the Edmunds Anti-Polygamy Act, which strengthened Morrill`s Anti-Bigamy Act by classifying polygamy as a crime and establishing “unlawful cohabitation” as a misdemeanor prohibiting unmarried couples from living together. This made it easier to detect unofficial polygamous acts, as it eliminated the need to prove the existence of a legal marriage. However, this practice is decreasing due to economic and social conditions. Here are five countries where polygamy is legal. According to a Politico article, legalizing polygamy is the “most natural next step” in countries where it is currently banned. A map uploaded to Reddit by user lursh123 shows the country`s legal status in terms of polygamy – more than a wife or husband.

With the exception of Solomon Islands, polygamous marriages are not recognized in Europe and Oceania. In India, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore, governments recognize polygamous marriages, but only for Muslims. In Australia, polygamous marriage is prohibited, but polygamous relationships are common in some Australian indigenous communities. In Indonesia, polygamy is legal in some areas, such as Bali, Papua and West Papua. Balinese Hinduism allows polygamy, practiced for centuries by the Balinese and Papua. Protests against the ban on polygamy and polygamous marriages took place in Indonesia in 2008, but did not lead to changes to the law. Polygamy is the general and neutral term for any marriage between three or more people. Polygyny is a specific term used to describe a marriage involving a husband and at least two wives. It is by far the most common (and commonly legal) form of polygamy. Polyandry is a specific term used to describe marriages between a woman and at least two husbands.

In some African countries, polygamy is illegal under civil law, but still permitted under common law, where actions traditionally accepted by a particular culture are considered legal. This arguably confusing loophole leads to two types of marriages: “civil” marriages and “habitual” or “religious” marriages, and allows countries like Liberia, Malawi, and Sierra Leone to allow and even support polygamous marriages without formally recognizing them. The legal status of polygamy varies widely around the world. Polygamy is legal in 58 of the approximately 200 sovereign states, the vast majority of which are Muslim-majority countries. Polyandry is illegal in virtually all countries and strictly forbidden in Islam. [ref. needed] Several non-Muslim countries (particularly in sub-Saharan Africa) allow polygamy among Muslims in their communities. Some countries that allow polygamy have restrictions, such as requiring the first wife to give consent.

In Canada, polygamy is an offence under section 293 of the Criminal Code, which carries a penalty of up to five years` imprisonment,[3] but prosecution is rare. As of January 2009, no one had been prosecuted for polygamy in Canada for over sixty years. [4] That changed in 2014 when polygamy charges were laid against Winston Blackmore and James Oler. [5] Under UAE law, polygamy is legal in the UAE, but limited to men of the Islamic faith.

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