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[…] A brand new bike, especially in 2020 when tons of awesome products are put on the road. With a little research and a lot of first-hand experience, we narrowed it down to ten big decisions in a very short time. BMW`s R 1250 R Roadster will receive similar updates to other models in the R family for 2019 and will receive a larger 1,254cc twin boxer with variable valve timing and ShiftCam valve lift, as well as updates to its electronic package. It also gets a soft style update with a TFT display, a DRL option for the halogen headlight, and new color options. Although initially advertised as a 2019 model, the R 1250 R did not arrive in the US in time. BMW says it will be available as a 2020 model with an MSRP starting at $14,995. With only 500 units planned worldwide, the limited edition 790 Adventure R Rally adds WP Pro`s premium suspension components to make it the most off-road ADV motorcycle in the KTM range. Based on the KTM 790 Adventure R, the Rally features the same steel mesh chassis, compact LC8c Parallel Twin and electronic driving aids. But it features WP Xplor Pro suspension, developed in the same department as WP`s Factory Racing equipment for superior performance, adding 1.2 inches of front/rear travel and increasing seat height to 35.8 inches.

Other upgrades include an Akrapovic titanium silencer, a specific off-road air filter, special high-strength D.I.D Dirt Star wheels, a race-specific high straight seat, rally footrests and special paint. MSRP is $19,499. Let`s assume that the Goldwing does not fall within the scope of “all new or significantly updated motorcycles for the 2020 model year” of this section. Honda has the starting MSRP for the Goldwing at $23,800. With a 1301cc engine, the Super Duke R-2 is another powerful and naked KTM monster. It comes with a stiffer suspension, improved electronics, and an improved 13:2:1 compression ratio, which is standard on professional cruisers. KTM reaches 0-60 mph in less than 3 seconds with a braking distance of 99.1 feet. The impression of this wild race on the 851 has stayed with me for decades. I can only imagine how the luckiest buyers will feel after their first enthusiastic outing on the final level of Ducati`s ultimate offer on the road, the $44,995 Ducati Panigale V4 R. The Erik Buell motorcycle from East Troy in the heart of Wisconsin is the manufacturer of the high-performance EBR 1190RX homologated for the road.

This 2014 model comes with an irresistible high-performance package. Example: electronic fuel injection, four-stroke transmission, six-speed and a displacement of 1190 cc. A few months after unveiling the radically redesigned Triumph Rocket 3 TFC with its triple 2,458cc, Triumph announced two production versions: the Rocket 3 R Roadster ($21,900) and the Rocket 3 GT cruiser ($22,600). Both are lighter (by at least 90 pounds) and more powerful (165 horsepower and 168 lb-ft of torque) than the previous generation Rocket III, both have impressive spec specs and they look fantastic. They will be at dealerships in December 2019. Lightning Motorcycle has been researching and manufacturing electric two-wheeled (E2W) vans since 2006. Lightning builds the world`s fastest production motorcycle, has won numerous road races and set several world speed records. Lightning`s solutions have been used in a variety of applications, from hybrid fuel cell electric buses, hybrid cars, electric motorcycles, electric ATVs, electric agricultural vehicles for ferries from shipping containers, professional ocean racing yachts and many other fields. Our mission is to build a 2-wheel electric transport (E2W) that has greater efficiency, performance and affordability than current gasoline alternatives. This how-to guide covers all new or significantly updated road motorcycles for the 2020 model year (plus an overview of select 2021 models). It is listed alphabetically by manufacturer and includes photos and links to details or, if available, first releases and reviews of each bike. This guide will be updated regularly as other new/updated models are announced and when we have had the opportunity to drive them and share our impressions. Already one of the most powerful production motorcycles in all of Christendom, the Panigale reaches new heights of madness in its latest and greatest incarnation. In standard form, completely road-legal and ready to pass any annoying Euro 5 emissions tests you might encounter on the way to the shops, the 998cc Desmosedici Stradale R V4 engine reaches 218 horsepower and spins at 16,500rpm.

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